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Aluminium Profile Brushing Machine

Aluminium Profile Brushing Machine - Matt, Hairline, Brush Finish

Aluminium Profile Brushing Machine - Matt, Hairline, Brush Finish

There are always die line, scratch, marks on the surface of aluminum extrusion profiles after the extrusion in the aluminum extrusion factory, which affects the surface quality and market competition of aluminum profiles. Aluminum polishing machine can solve this problem effectively. Valgro Aluminum profile polishing machine is one kind of machine for the surface treatment of aluminum profiles.

Aluminium Profile Brushing Machine - Matt, Hairline, Brush Finish

Technical Feature

  • Plug N Play machine
  • Operated by any unskilled labour
  • Maintains free system (0 maintenance)
  • Rust resistance treatment for main body part
  • Stress relieved main body & structure
  • Buy back facility for Indian market / Good resale value products
  • Vertical axis rotating and oscillating brushes
  • Adjustable brushing pressure from panel
  • Solid metal body construction
  • Different brush grits combinations are possible to perform different surface treatment
  • Emergency security switch
  • All electrical motors can be switched on and off separately.


  • Impregnated Abrasive brush - No polishing paste Required
  • Light pressure requires - Less Dust created during operation
  • Smooth and Cooled Running - No Heat developed
  • Less Power consumption - Reduce Production cost
  • Reduce man power - Increase production capacity
  • Consistent brush abrasion - Uniform Surface Finish on each profile
  • Etching time Reduce - less chemical consumption in etching and wastewater treatment
  • Reduce time in etching - considerable decrease in production costs.