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Aluminum Profile Square Rectangle & Round

Aluminum Profile Machine for Square Rectangle & Round Polishing Machine

Aluminum Profile - Square, Rectangle & Round

Valgro Aluminium Profile polishing machine is used to have brush finish hairline and satin finish on aluminum extrusions prior to anodizing. Abrasive Brushes clean the surface of aluminum and eliminate extrusion lines, scratches, marks. The etching duration of satin brushed aluminum prior to anodizing is much less than the un-brushed counterparts resulting in less chemical consumption in etching and waste water treatment, therefore considerable decrease in production costs.

The obtained finish is of fine mechanical satin type, with excellent appearance like Scotch-Brite. No paste and no dust created during the work. The head work Oscillating with rotating with High RPM.

Different type of abrasive grit brush offer smooth and uniform brush effect with dry process.

Aluminum Profile Square Rectangle & Round Polishing Machine