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CEO Speech

Hello Friends,

To make machines and to bring desired results, both are different things. Our expertise in surface condition is the key factor in brushing machine success. There are several manufacturers of brushing & polishing machine, but lack of abrasive expertise they does not able to provide desired result to end user and the machine operator gets into trouble, whereas in our case total solution and customer satisfaction is guaranteed due to one roof seamless surface solution.

Surface Condition Abrasives brush division
Surface Finishing machinery division
A. Metal working Industries
B. Wood working Industries
C. Ceramic Industries
D. Sheet Metal fabrication Division

Metal finishing service center
Surface finishing chemical division: (pickling, passivation & anti stain coating chemical)

Our innovative connection between surface finishing expertise and machine building knowledge helps adapt to market demands faster with complete solution.

Through continuous innovation and commitment to product quality, the company is poised to acquire leadership position in the industry with many years of hard work and field trial.

Everyone wins: Customer get exactly the products they want, companies gain a competitive advantage with one roof solution.

We work with our customers to develop innovative products to increase the productivity with reduce rejection and rework. We provide proactive flexible and high performance approach to all task level from detail design to final assembly of surfacing solution. No matter, what sort of finishing problem you have, we are always ready with right solution, just a phone call distance.