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Copper Bright #25

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Copper Bright #25
Look good only when it shine, not tarnished

COPPERBRIGHT #25 is a powdered concentrate, which is mixed with water to form a solution used for cleaning metal surface and alloys especially Copper, Brass and Bronze. It will selectively remove light Oxides, light Soils, Tarnishes, Fingerprints, etc. effectively without any attack on the base metal.

COPPERBRIGHT #25 is designed specially to be used on the exposed area of properly cured resisted inks, photoresists as well as it is organic based chemicals, it is harmless and low inherent toxicity upon direct contact to skin and poses no serious disposal problems in contrast to the conventional pickling solutions.

COPPERBRIGHT #25 is also not corrosive to stainless steel and machine parts.

  • Getting tired of repeat cleaning of Copper & its alloys made, to remain tarnish-free.
  • Now get easy.
  • Soon, after cleaning, applied our Kleannshine OS-100C by simply dip your valuable parts in or spray over the surface required.

  • Form White to creamiest color granular powder
  • Solubility Completely soluble in water at recommended concentration
  • Acidity pH 1 for 100 gm/lit at 252C
  • Flash Point Not applicable
  • Concentration 80-120 gms / lit
  • Temperature Room Temperature
Copper Bright #25
Look good only when it shine, not tarnished

Copper Bright #25
Look good only when it shine, not tarnished

While the above may be considered typical condition. It can be a broad range of conditions, the concentration may vary from 50gms/lit up to 300 gms/lit the temperature may range from ambient up to 60(2C. Immersion time can be from few seconds to several minutes or longer depending on difficulty of Soils/Oxides removal. Application methods can be simply dipping, conveyorized immersion or spraying.

Handling and Storage

COPPERBRIGHT #25 should be stored in a dry and secure area. Because it has tendency to absorb moisture, it should be kept tightly closed when not in use. If caking should occur, the effectiveness is not impaired. Because of its acidity, excessive exposure and/or intimate contact should be avoided.