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Corner Easy Polisher

Corner Easy Polisher

The ingeniously placed handle ensures 100% controllable working pressure. The result is an uniform and flawless finish in less time and using less material on corner accessibility is an imporant term in the world of abrasives. Nearly anything can be manufactured and welded, but it is not much help if the piece cannot be finished. The Corner Weld Polisher offers you the accessibility and freedom of movement you require for a professional finish in hard-to-reach areas and corners. Finishing inside joints and removing weld seams becomes child's play with this innovative extension arm.

Corner Easy Polisher
Corner Easy Polisher

Overview of the Fillet weld polisher

  • This is a ideal Grinding machine for fillet weld.
  • It can working on the areas that difficult to access. at handrails processing.
  • The stainless flangs Disc and aluminum alloy Sanding Arm design can prevent the surface from Metal Dusts contaminating during grinding.
  • This machine will be equipped with Grinding Disc. The size of the disc is 150*25.4*6mm.

Round Tube Polishing Machine

Techno Features :

  • Powerful and stable engine
  • Variable speed adjustment
  • Easy to carry, Light weight
  • Techno-generator consistent speed
  • Even & well-balanced under full load
  • Ergonomically design for better grip
  • Fresh air flow mechanism to protect engine from over-heating and dust jamming