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7 Awesome Deburring Machine for your Deburr Solutions [2019 Make]

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Deburring is important for Safety & Quality, Aesthetics, Functionality, and the smooth operation of working parts. Since even a small notch can cause moving parts to catch, creating the potential for an accident, injury, or unnecessary delay in production. Rough edges can also cause injury when individuals are required to handle blanks. Each of these preventable problems can cost companies a great deal of money.

Our surface preparation abrasives brush manufacturing experience has allowed us to build a deburring machine with all the necessary technical devices required to obtain a perfect finish from small parts to a larger area.

Deburring : Deburring The burr can vary when punching or laser cutting your materials. Burrs created via laser cutting and punching adhere to the material in various strengths. Therefore, finding a comprehensive deburring solution is crucial.

Edge Rounding : A good edge rounding result is characterized by removing the sharpness on the edges of your laser-cut or punched materials. This prevents injuries that may be caused by handling the material, while simultaneously improving downstream processing. Furthermore, a radius at the edge of the materials also improves paint adhesion.

Oxide Removal : If you are cutting via a CO,-laser with oxygen, the Classic Hybrid can remove any oxide layers along the cutting edge of the material.

Slag Removal : The slag on oxyfuel or plasma-cut parts has to be removed via hand grinding before the actual deburring process takes places. This is done to ensure a reliable and economical subsequent deburring process. Thanks to the machines offered by VALGRO INDIA, having to manually remove the slag is no longer necessary.

Micro Joint Removal : The traditional micro-joint method places small, interconnecting tabs between parts by programming the spacing of the slitting punch to leave material unpunched. These burrs may also cause serious injury if not removed.

Surface Finish : Punched and laser-cut parts often require high demands on the surface. A beautiful surface is a pleasant side effect of the deburring process. In some cases, a specific type of surface finish could be necessary.

Line Grain Finish : Most common finish for stainless steel sheet metal parts with various abrasives belt grinding or brush polishing operation.

Non Directional Finish : Non-directional finish also known as random-orbit finish or Vibration Finish, very popular among architects, Non-directional finish has low reflectivity. Non-direction orbit vibration finish is suitable for alloy sheet metal parts for batter adhesions powder color coating.

Deburring Flat Parts

Ensure unparalleled brushing for processing sheet metal industries.

Advantage compared to the traditional deburring process

Higher productivity combined with superior part quality.
No physical strain of your employees by vibration or unhealthy position compared to the traditional operation
Employee do not have to suffer under flying spark, dust, dirt or noise

Applications :

  • Sheet metal Component
  • Automotive Component
  • Power Transmission
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Satellite Component
  • Aluminum Sheet metal parts

Features :

  • Simultaneous brushing effects
  • Easy and safe operation
  • Less space requirements
  • No heat generation
  • No deformation during deburring process
  • Uniform and consistent surface finish each parts.

Superlative Solution from valgro Deburring, Edge rounding, Oxide removal, Surface finish, Slag removal, Cleaning for Sheet metal processing Industries

Valgro-Hyzer SAMARTH Classic Series deburring, Edge rounding And Finishing Machine

Specially designed to meet specific need of sheet metal processing in Edge rounding and deburring. Valgro offer wide range of equipment and accessory allows unlimited personalized solution.

The Valgro Classic Series for deburring and finishing sheet metal and other flat parts that needs a radius edge. This is an automatic feed-tough machine with a belt, the machine will deburr and sand a radius to the sharp edge on cut out parts.

Material : Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper, Titanium sheet and many other types of metal.

Wide range of the Deburring Machine meet to industry need
  • 01 ECO Series: Deburring Flat Parts for Mild Steel & Other Alloy
  • 02 Horizontal Brush head: SAMARTH Series Deburring & Finishing Machine (Brush Type)
  • 03 Planetary Brush Multi-head: Classic Series Deburring Machine (Disc Brush)
  • 04 Hybrid Classic Series: WBS Deburring & Finishing Machine (Belt + Brush)
  • 05 Hybrid Karam Series: LBF ECO Series Deburring Machine (Belt + Brush)
  • 06 Klenburr Series: Micro Joint Side Edge Deburring Machine
  • 07 KleanBurr Series: Single Head Semi-Automatic End Edge Deburring Machine
Application :

Deburring of Press Punched Parts

Deburring of Laser-cut parts

Deburring of Plasma and Flam-cut parts