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End Edge Cut Parts

Aluminium Extrusion profile, Tube, Heat sink, Box and Section pipe

Valgro end edge deburring systems increase your productivity by decreasing cycle times over hand deburring. Accurate brush penetration is maintained throughout each production run, leading to enhanced quality. Leads to elevate increasing operator safety.

  • Avoid unhealthy deburring operation
  • No physical strain to worker by vibration
  • Employee do not suffer flying spark, dust & Noise.
  • Unskilled labour can run the machine
  • Save money and time by faster & consistent production

Challenge : After saw cutting operation part ends need to be made burr free for handling and to downstream to operation.

Current process : Customer has been using abrasive nylon and wire brushed on a buffing stand, but results have been inconsistent and an increase in orders requires another method to be found.

Productive Benefits : Now Customer can easily handle the work, increase in production and at the same time has a manageable deburring process for extruded parts they manufacture.