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Fiber Glass Grating Grinding & Sanding Machine

Fiberglass is an endlessly useful building material, but it poses a multitude of dangers to the user. As anyone who has installed fiberglass insulation can tell you, once fiberglass contacts your skin, it is extremely itchy and difficult to remove. Fiberglass resin compounds this problem because it requires sanding, which causes the fiberglass particles to become airborne, where they can not only affect your skin, but your eyes and respiratory system as well.

It can polish a whole panel of FRP grating within 30 seconds, which saves a lot power and money. Grinding and Finishing FRP Products To avoid open edges and prevent corrosion of glass fibers the fiberglass grating should be ground and finished. Using an open coated, course gritted, resin fiber grinding disc grind the cut edges smooth. Valgro machine is save the time and labor for faster grinding operation.

Perfect for the small shop or woodworking enthusiast, the Drum Sander reduces the tedium of hand sanding, speeds up the sanding process, and produces more consistent results! Drum Sander comes standard on the Two Body Open Stand and Heavy-Duty Casting Metal Close Body. The drum is pre-wrapped with 80 grit sandpaper. Additional accessories and sandpaper are available for purchase. Full machine features and specs can be found below

Fiber Glass Grating Grinding & Sanding Machine

Valgro Drum Sanding Machine Technical Features & Function:

  • Multi head Drum Sanding station
  • Sanding Station Horizontal axis rotating.
  • Wood Block Sheet Auto Feed Transport Table, Feed by manual
  • Synchronise with full line with One stop Operational control
  • Internal Electrical Control Panel
  • Separate electrical control for all function
  • Soft, bright, and homogeneous Sanding surface appearance
  • Dry operation dust extraction system
  • Adjustable Pressure on Polishing station
  • Easy abrasives drum roller replacement
  • Adjustable conveyor speed (belt / roller) from) 0.5 to 10 MPM
  • Different Abrasive sanding roll grits combinations are possible to perform different surface treatment
  • Emergency security switch
  • Reversal conveyor speed for emergency control
Model "SAMARTH" FRS-50 FRS-62
Working Specification Top Side Top Side
Application Grinding + Sanding Grinding + Sanding
Maximum width 1250mm 1550mm
Minimum length 1000mm 1000mm
Min. Max Thickness 10 -100mm 10 -100mm
Number of head 1 / 2 1 / 2
Head Type Drum Drum
Process : Wet / Dry Dry Dry 
Brush Diameter  300mm  300mm 
Brush Action R / O R = Rotate / O = Oscillate  
Conveyor Type R= Roller / B = Belt  
Conveyor speed MPM Min / Max   20mpm  20mpm 
Total Power @  12  15 
Machine Dimension (H x W x L) in mm   --  -- 
Machine weight  --  -- 
Digital thickness count meter   Optional  Optional