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Large Metal Finish Abrasives Roller Brush

Large Metal Finish Abrasives Roller Brush

Large Metal Finish Abrasives Roller Brush
De-greasing, De-scaling, Cleaning, Washing and Pickling operation

Blank & Coil Washing / Cleaning / Brushing

Valgro-Fynex abrasive brush can be used in a varity of application to clean and finish HR - CR metal strip, sheet, and coil in pickling, de-greasing,de-scaling, rinsing and washing sections. After brushing the blank or Strip is flushed again with washing medium on both sides.

Available Size

  • OD: 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm
  • Width: 400mm to 2500mm
  • Grade: CRS, MED, FN, VFN, SFN, NFN
Special Size can be available on request.
Perceptible Quality Enhancement in Cleaning/Finishing Operations

Help to remove most Historical Problems

  • Un-pickled Patch
  • Depth Oxide in Raw Material
  • Carbon Suit after Rolling
  • Oil Patch/Black Spots
  • Rusty Surface
  • Mill Mark/Pitch Mark
  • Scratch
  • Rolled in Scale
Advantages :
  • Increase surface value with Uniform cleaning Quality
  • Consistent scratch pattern for coating operation
  • Rust and Oxide free Surface
  • Self dressing throughout the brush life
  • Saving 70% to 75% on pickling chemical cost by reducing PH concentration
  • Due to less chemical concentration reduce waste disposal
  • Perfectly fit at de-greasing, de-scalling brushing station
  • All these, in turn, increases productivity and reduces costs.
Surfacing step by step on Metal Strip

Abrasive accessory for Metal strip and Steel Plant

Skinpass wiper bar

Ahrasive Accessory Skinpass wiper bar

Wiper bar made with highly compressed nonwoven material for the best use of skin passes oil cleaning application. Valgro wiper bar available with fine grit of abrasives impregnated along with non-abrasives material. Good output against felt strip, cork, and carpet duster Use them singly or butted together on continuous coil lines. Excellent as tension bars on slitting lines. Reduce metal slippage, Eliminates dry spots, and Protects steel from gouging, scratching, damage when moved about mill

Sanding Block

Ahrasive Accessory Sanding Block

Sanding blocks are based on "Valgro-Fynex" layers and compressed before be polymerized. These blocs are particularly recommended to clean cylinders of rolling mills.

Abrasive Grade Thickness
Aluminum oxide & SIC 120,220,320,400, 800 12mm / 25mm

Mill Roll

Ahrasive Accessory Mill Roll

Mill Roll Produced with synthetic non-woven fabric discs compacted together with a very flexible adhesive that provide the following product advantages: Unique construction offers savings and performance advantages over conventional rolls.

Self healing : Longer operating duration without routine maintenance
Fluid Control : Removing or applying processing fluids
Friction : Resists slipping on the strip's surface which equates to control, reduced costs, and higher quality
Non-Marking : "Void Volume" absorbs oxides that mark, and friction capability combined with soft fibre and resin prevent scratches.

Nilox Abrasives Brush

Ahrasive Accessory Nilox Abrasives Brush

Made from DuPont Tynex Nylon6 material with mixtures of high quality abrasives grain extruded throughout the filament. This provide the product with the following advantages:

Life: Longer operating duration due to the high density and multi-bristle quality. Cleaning effect: Better cleaning effect (2 to 4 times higher than conventional ) can improve productivity and save on costs. By using Hitec brush rolls, some customers can increase line speed, use half the conventional brushes or switch off the electrolytic panels in their cleaning section (with consequent energy saving costs).

Surfacing.... Step by Step on Metal Strip

Surfacing Step by Step on Metal Strip