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Consultation and Service

Xpert In metal Finishing

  • Arvind Patel is a most experienced Person travelled widely in the world.
  • With his application, enlargement and marketing skill. He has made VALGRO a respectable brand over length and breadth of Country. In a short span,
  • He has put the products at par with leading international brands.
  • More than 2000 industries visited in last 25 years and acquired widely knowledge of more than 800 versatile operation.


  • Expert in understanding of customer requirement.
  • Work with customer as a team member.
  • The mile stone is increased productivity, reduce rejection and rework during production process.
  • Through innovative expertise of Arvind, the company is able to provide solutions to the industry by selecting the right products.

We offer technical consultancy and guidance to industries for selection of the right machinery and process for metal finishing operation at our factory as well as customer site on chargeable base.

How Much Cost?

Often the first question from customer, "How much will it cost?".

Unfortunately, the answer depends on what you want me to do, so We need to see the site and have a small discussion and chat with you before we can give a figure.

However, a guide to our fees is given below and we provide written quotations in advance of all work.

Stage 1 – Inquiry stage

    For meeting at Valgro Facility

  • Fee for initial visit: INR 10,000/- (max. 2 hours on site)

  • Initial Plant Visits at customer site:

  • There is a fixed fee for the initial visit, and a charge to cover travel expenses if the site is more than 10 Km from the Valgro facility.

  • For domestic / Indian market

  • Fee for initial visit : INR 10,000/- (max. 2 hours on site) if the site is more than 10 Km from the Valgro facility.
    Fee for initial visit : INR 20,000/- (max. 2 hours on site) Out side Ahmedabad.
    Travel costs : Return Air ticket for economic class. If night Holt Lodging and boarding extra.

  • For International market

  • Fee for initial visit : USD 200 (max. 2 hours on site)
    Travel costs : Return Air ticket for economic class. Lodging and Boarding arrange by invitee.

Stage 2 – Visit Customer plant

    Consulting & Planning

  • Evaluate the current process
  • Understand customer requirement
  • Why customer need change/modify the current process?
  • What is Expectation from Valgro?

Stage 3 – Feasibility of process

    Projection & Realization

  • Characteristics of the surface
  • Machinery being used
  • Operational difficulties resulting in loss of productivity.
  • Selection of right process and tool
  • Desire surface Finish / Goal

Stage 4 – Report & Suggestion

    Training & Production assistance

  • Suggest modify process
  • New work process flow chart
  • Evaluation of improvement and productivity
  • Reduce rework and rejection

Service Center


Servicer and Job work Facility for metal Finishing

Occasionally, as you start a new project, it may be difficult to justify an outright purchase of a new machine.

We may still be able to help!!

We always have a variety of wide range machines available for hire on a monthly basis with a range of schemes tailored to suit your needs while you test the water. Ask!!

Specialization :

Our technical staff is ready to give you advice on proper use of Valgro products, which in turn will maximize your profits at minimum cost.

Valgro is the company able to prepare as per the customer's specification tailor-made solution. Maintains a good product Showcase and live demo center facility to help the client to choose from what is available, which by any standard is a wide range.

Service Center

Valgro India Provides high quality metal polishing services through Automatic and Semi-Automatic Polishing processes for flat products. Like plate, sheet, aluminium profile, bus bar etc.

Whether it is your material or material we source for you. We polish all types of stainless steel, Specialty finishes and exacting requirements are rooted in the foundation of our reputation.

Material To be process :

Cold rolled Stainless steel : Finishing, Polishing, laser cut deburring , mirroring
Available Finish : No.4, Satin, Hairline, matt, dull, Duplo and Gloss Mirror etc.
Hot rolled Stainless steel : Grinding, Finishing, Polishing, laser cut, deburring, Hairline
Aluminum : Finishing, Polishing, deburring for batter anodizing, color coating or any type of nonstick coating
Copper and Brass Metal : Finishing, Polishing, laser cut, deburring Other alloy steel and special metal: rust and oxide cleaning, washing, finishing, deburring, Degreasing

Capabilities / Services

  • All finishes available to be applied on all 200, 300 & 400 series metal,
  • Finishes from No. 2B to no. 6 Satin,
  • Certified to specific Ra readings with special request
  • Capacity 1550mm wide and 4000mm length thickness up to 3mm
  • 250 kg capacity of vacuum lifting system for metal sheet to avoid further scratch and handing rejection.
  • 5 ton lifting capacity of overhead crane for loading and unloading material from the truck

Service offer to Industries:

Technical Specifications
Equipment to be installed
  • Scotch Brite Polishing line No. 1
    Model : SP 62-4 HD

  • Scotch Brite Polishing line No. 2
    Model : SP 62- 1 Pro

  • Blank deburring and Finishing machine :

  • Strip / coil Polishing machine
  • Deburring Machine

  • Hot rolled Plate Polishing machine

  • Surface Protection film coating machine
  • Anti-Finger coating machine
  • Pick N Place Sheet Vacuum lifter
Working Capacity
  • • Width : 1000mm, 1250mm, 1550mm
    • Length : 2500mm, 3000, 6000mm
    • Polishing Capacity : 0.8 to 3mm
  • • Width : 1000mm, 1250mm, 1550mm
    • Length : 2500mm, 3000, 6000mm
    • Polishing Capacity : 0.2 to 2 mm
  • • Width : 25mm to 800mm
    • Length : 2500mm
    • Polishing Capacity : 0.5 to 3 mm
  • • 20mm to 200mm width x Up to 2MM thickness
  • • Flat Sheet metal parts up to 1250mm width ,
    • Hot rolled and cold rolled material
    • Laser cut, water jet cut, Press punch part
  • • Grinding and Finishing of HR plat
    • size 2.5 Mtrs width x 20 Mtrs length x up to 50mm thickness
  • • 200mm to 1550mm wide sheet coating facility
  • • 1550mm wide sheet Anti finger coating treatment facility
  • • 1550mm x 3000mm x 250 Kg capacity of sheet lifting
Note: We work with annual contract base.