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Valgro-Hyzer Classic Series Planetary Rotary Brush deburring & Edge rounding Machine

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LBF Series Edge Rounding

Valgro-Hyzer Classic Series Planetary Rotary Brush Deburring & Edge Rounding Machine

Laser Cut parts Burr removal + Edge rounding, Inside + Outside Contours, Cleaning + Deburring Valgro Offer Four Type Deburring and Edge rounding machine for Sheet metal Processing Industries.

The Classic Series deburring machine suitable for metal finishing and deburring at an affordable price with many standard features. The Classic Series Abrasive belt grinding machine for deburring and finishing sheet metal and other flat parts that needs a radius edge. This is an automatic feed-tough machine with a belt, the machine will deburr and sand a radius to the sharp edge on cut out parts.

Sanding into the conveyor belt is possible without damaging the belt. The machine works with steel, stainless steel, aluminum and many other types of metal


The burr can vary when punching or laser cutting your materials. Burrs created via laser cutting and punching adhere to the material in various strengths. Therefore, finding a comprehensive deburring solution is crucial.

Edge rounding

A good edge rounding result is characterized by removing the sharpness on the edges of your laser-cut or punched materials. This prevents injuries that may be caused by handling the material, while simultaneously improving downstream processing. Furthermore, a radius at the edge of the materials also improves paint adhesion.

Oxide removal

If you are cutting via a CO2-laser with oxygen, the Classic Hybrid can remove any oxide layers along the cutting edge of the material.

Surface finish

Punched and laser-cut parts often require high demands on the surface. A beautiful surface is a pleasant side effect of the deburring process. In some cases, a specific type of surface finish could be necessary.

LBF Series Edge Rounding

Typical process applications covered by this machine :

  • Deburring punched, nibbled, sheared or laser-cut sheet metal parts.
  • deburr and sand a radius to the sharp edge on cut out parts
  • Uniform sanding on all edges, leaving a fine scratch pattern on the surface.
  • Deburring of all edges in one pass on laser cut or stamped parts
  • Calibrating or keying carbon, rubber, wood or other soft materials.
  • Grain finishing and stock removal of any material.
  • Satin finishing of metal Stainless Steel sheet and strip.

Standard features include :

  • Abrasive disc brush Single head, Multi head system
  • Conveyor bed on 4 heavy duty precision spindles,
  • Single point thickness setting.
  • Dust extraction hood facility
  • Enclosed heads and motors for minimizing noise levels.
  • Plug N Play machine
  • Operated by any unskilled labour
  • Maintains free system (0 maintenance)
  • Rust resistance treatment for main body part (Autophoretic treatment)
  • Stress relieved main body & structure
  • Buy back facility / Good resale value
  • Adjustable brushing pressure with consistent brush abrasion on each part
  • Solid metal body construction
  • Different brush grits combinations are possible to perform different surface treatment
  • emergency security switch
  • All electrical motors can be switched on and off separately.
  • Electric supply 400v / 3ph / 50Hz / 54A

Advantages compared to the manual treatment :

  • Significantly higher productivity combined with superior part quality
  • Consistent quality over the entire production run, versus scratches and divots produced by manual side grinders
  • Avoide Un healty operation, Compared to the operation with a side grinder your employees
  • Do not have to suffer under flying sparks, dust, dirt or noise
  • No physical strain for your employees caused by vibration or unhealthy posture