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Plasma & Flame-Cut Parts

Valgro Karam Series

Deburring + Edge rounding + Oxide Removal + Slag Removal Ideal for Hot & Cold rolled plasma, press punch and laser cut alloy metal parts

Valgro LBF Karam series machine was specifically designed to process deburring and edge rounding flat metal parts up to 100mm thickness. Special conveyor belt is made for sanding very thick parts without damaging the belt.

This is an automatic feed-tough machine with a belt, the machine will deburr and send a radius to the sharp edge on cut out parts. This machine is made for uniform sanding on all edges, leaving a fine scratch pattern on the surface.

Optional Setup
  • Extra hammered head for slug removal and rough grinding
  • Single and Double sided operation in one pass.
  • Conveyor & handling system, Automation, Custom solutions
Advantages Compared to Traditional treatment
  • Does not suffer under flying spark by manual operation
  • No physical strain to operator
  • 60% time saving with faster operation
  • Improve work enviroment
  • Reduction of dust, dirt and Noise