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Polishing Machine

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Polishing Machine

Polishing is a value added operation in stainless steel sheet and Coil. The highest possible degree of surface finish is usually desirable, for two quite distinct reasons. Aesthetic and functional points of view.

On the longer timescale — months and years, there is abundant evidence that the smoother the surface, the slower will be processes such as corrosion or tarnishing and also to deposit of fine airborne particulates, such as soot or dust. The smoother the surface, is easy to clean by water or wiping.

Valgro Scotch Brite roller brush polishing is fast and emerging process as a preferred finish by users.

Valgro offer an endless range of finishing effects in terms of brightness and Finishing. Valgro polishing machines are very easy to achieved Matt, Hair-Line, Satin, No. 4, 2J Finish. Varity of the valgro brush provide more than 20 different finish as per market demand.