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Hyzer Technology Inc. (Valgro Hyzer) is a Valgro Group of Company, engaged in manufacturing of high precision brushing machines for deburring, cleaning and surfacing for sheet metal processing industries with the technical support of Valgro abrasives.

Valgro Hyzer work with customers to develop innovative products to increase the productivity and reduce rework. We provide proactive flexible and high performance approach to all task level from detail design to final assembly of surfacing solution. Our business cover the areas of Engineering, Automobile, Aerospace, Defense, Electronics, Rubber, Power generation plant, Steel Fabrication, Stainless steel Service Center, Steel plant, Textile, Ceramic, Metal strips industries as well as Surgical equipments etc. In short "application are endless". It takes more than the technology alone to produce perfect surface finishing specifications. It takes a company with extensive knowledge and experience with wide range of abrasive products and applications.

A company capable of creating customized surfacing solutions; which allow :

  • Excellent performance
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction