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Single Head Semi-Automatic End Edge Deburring Machine

Single Head Semi-Automatic End Edge Deburring Machine

Single Head Semi-Automatic End Edge Deburring Machine
for Aluminum heat sink, Profile, Box & section Pipe

VALGRO end deburring systems increase your productivity by decreasing cycle times over hand deburring. Accurate brush penetration is maintained throughout each production run, leading to improved quality. Parts are clamped into VALGRO End Edge deburring systems, increasing operator safety.

Single End Edge deburring systems can be customized, Valgro India able to make totally custom system for your application.

Working Principal :

  • Brush rotation on High RPM
  • Brush Head Movement Top N bottom
  • Tube fix on platform
  • Platform movement from right To left Automatic
  • Full cover body for dust protection

Single Head Semi-Automatic End Edge Deburring Machine

Profile End deburring ECO (PED) System for Optical Measuring Systems

  • Low cost, compact – Just 24" wide, 24" long and 48" high.
  • Operator clamps sample part in place and manually feeds part across abrasive filament disc brush face.
  • 2 HP, 960 RPM electric motor reverses direction when part carrier contacts limit switch.
  • Action provides 360 degree deburring.
  • Removes burrs quickly and completely regardless of work piece geometry.
  • Lateral surface finish not affected.
  • Portable system can be set up quickly.
  • Requires minimal operator training and skill.
  • 3 to 4 cycles per minute.
  • Dust collection unit: DC3

Single Head Semi-Automatic End Edge Deburring S(EED) System

  • Pressing two palm buttons activates the clamping mechanism and table travel.
  • Automatic clam shell hood provides added safety and additional dust control.
  • One 12" or 14" Valgro disc brush is driven by a 2 HP motor and variable speed drive.
  • Table accommodates extrusions measuring 4" to 46" in length. (Custom clamping available for lengths less than 4".)
  • Table extension available if additional support is required for extrusions longer than 46".
  • 3 to 4 cycles per minute. 14" wide table can offer multiple part loading/cycle.
  • Dust collection unit: DS3

Technical Data :

      1. One Head deburring station: side edge working
      2. Brush Od 400mm x 40mm Bristle length width
      3. Working width Minimum 10mm – Maximum 150mm,
      4. Working length: Min. 200mm, Max: Long products
      5. Power supply: as per your country suitable
      6. Machine construction: Modular concept with full cover body.
      7. Total Power require:5 Hp approx. on each head
      8. Dust Collector outlet (external Dust collector require – Quote separately)