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Stainless Steel Sheet Coil & Strips

Stainless Steel Sheet Coil & Strips Polishing Machine

Stainless Steel Sheet Coil & Strips

The polishing of coils and sheets is one of the most value added operations offered by service centers. For this application Valgro has developed various model include high productivity, flexibility in configuration, and lower operating costs. These machines are available for both dry and wet processing.

Valgro Scotchbrite* brush finish is fast and emerging process as a preferred finish by users. Valgro offer an endless range of finishing effects in terms of brightness and finishing easy to achieved Matt, Hair-Line, Satin, No. 4, 2J Finish.

Polishing Machine Technical Features & Function
  • Single & Multi head Scotch Brite* Polishing Machine
  • No heat generation - No Sheet deformation
  • Uniform bright Surface finish effect on metal surface
  • Economical operational cost
  • Auto feed Transport System
  • Easy abrasives Roller brush replacement
  • Different brush grits combinations are possible to perform different surface treatment
Benefits for in house sheet polishing facility
  • #4, Matt, Satin, Hairline in one machine
  • Save money and time by reduce inventory
  • Stock only 2B sheet with any thickness
  • Consistence uniform surface finish