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Valgro Stainless Steel Finishing intro pack is widely accepted in Sheet metal fabrication industries

Offer Shadow free matt finish without streaks

Available with Basic abrasive Finishing wheel for Small Fabrication Shop

Abrasives Grinding belt
Expandable Rubber drum
Valgro Kombi Brush 115mm x 100mm
Valgro finishing Brush 115mm x 100mm


SS Mobile Finishing Grinder Kit - Intro Pack 1

Fight to Finish in 3 Step

  • Every surface turns out perfectly.
  • linear texturing, satin finish, hairline finish &
  • shadow free matt finish without streaks
  • Cleaning Off dirt
  • Rough material removal
  • Removing scratch
  • Removing welded Seams
  • Removing tarnishing
  • Satin Finishing, Matt Finish,
  • Hairline Finish, Grain Finish

Marathon motor with dust protection for long service life :

  • Vario-Tacho-Constamatic (VTC)-Full Wave Electronics with Thumbwheel: for working at customised speeds to suit the application material and speeds that remain almost constant, even under load
    Spindle lock and tool-free flange nut for fast accessory change
    Fast and tool-free adjustment of guard and side handle
    Smooth-running, form-fit mounting arbor for a uniform grinding result


Kitchen & Restaurant Equipment Mfg.
Dairy Equipment
Food Process Machinery
Pharma processing machinery Mfg.
Packaging Machinery
Beverages equipment Processing plant
Escalator, Elevators and Door
Public Transport system
Metro and Railways
Architect Building construction

SS Mobile Finishing Kit - Intro Pack 1

Technical Specification

  • Characteristics
  • Rated input power - 800 W
  • No-load speed - 800 - 3000 rpm
  • Spindle Dia – 19mm
  • Abrasive tool diameter - 115mm Od x 100mm width x 19mm ID
  • Weight (without power cable) ; 1.9 kg Cable length : 2 m / 6 ft Vibration
  • Satin-finish - 3.8 m/s²
  • Uncertainty of measurement K 1.5 m/s² Noise emission
  • Sound pressure level - 91 dB(A)
  • Sound power level (LwA) - 102 dB(A)
  • Uncertainty of measurement K - 3 dB(A)


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Polishing is a value-added operation in stainless steel fabrication. The highest possible degree of surface finish is usually desirable