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Steel Tube Polishing Machine

Valgro Auto feed Planetary tube grinding machines do not spin the tubes during the process, which creates a safe operator environment and eliminates the possibility of barber poling. Planetary systems also do not require tubes that are perfectly round, and instead can process tubes that are oval or have irregular shapes. Most significant, they can grind bent tubes.

Round Pipe Polishing Machine

Valgro Round Tube Pipe Polishing Machine is used for polishing the surface of a stainless-steel round pipe. The pipe is automatically fed into the machine. After passing through the polishing heads the pipe comes out automatically on the inspection table. If you are interested in this product.


  • Automatic pipe sander with feeding system.
  • This pipe belt sander comes with 2 abrasive belts as standard accessories
  • Manual pipe clamping adjustment
  • this pipe finishing machine Can polish curved pipes and tubes at a 180° angle
  • No need to turn the material on an auto feeder system
  • include coolant system to extend belt life (Optional)

Technical Advantage

  • Minimum tube vibration even on the biggest lengths
    The tube is not spinning during the polishing operation
    The abrasive belts rotate around the tube, it is safe.
    Quick abrasive belts change in less than 1 minute.
  • Low heat
    The soft contact with abrasive belts with Planetary System has an extremely low heat on the tube surface, unlike other conventional systems.
  • Straight or curved tubes polishing
    was designed to finish either straight tubes (automatically) or bent tubes (manually)
  • Auto feeding system
    The auto feeding system transports straight tubes safely and automatically through the finishing station, enabling a consistent and high-productive tube polishing quality.


  • Grinding and Polishing Tube & Rod
  • Suitable for grinding both round and oval tubes
  • Suitable for variety of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, wood
Round Tube Polishing Machine

Technical Specification

ModelM RTB25-3 RTB50-3 RTB100-3 RTB150-3
Head Type Planetary Head Abrasive belt Planetary Head Abrasive belt Planetary Head Abrasive belt Planetary Head Abrasive belt
Work Surface Round Surface Round Surface Round Surface Round Surface
Work Head 3 3 3 3
Process: Wet / Dry Dry Dry Dry Dry
Application Finishing Finishing Finishing Finishing
Finish Achieved Hairline Hairline Hairline Hairline
Type of Material Stainless Steel / Brass / Copper / Aluminium
Min. Max Outer Dia 8-25 12-50 25-100 50-150
Min. Length 1000 1000 1000 1000
Conveyor Type R= Roller / B = Belt Roller Roller Roller Roller
Conveyor speed Min / Max - MPM 0-5 0-5 0-5 0-5
Dust Extraction Valgro-Duklean DCS-5 APS DCS-5 APS DCS-5 APS DCS-5 APS
Electrical parameters The integrated frequency converter allows the machine to work worldwide with all power supply systems and enables smooth start and enhanced motor protection.


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