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The Valgro LBF Karma Series can be used for plasma and laser cut flat parts for various applications such as deburring, edge rounding. Valgro Karma series is available in various configurations including Belt + Brush, Belt + Disc, Belt + Brush + Disc,

VALGRO long belt finishing machines have a flexible abrasive belt that enables finishing on flat surfaces of big dimensions. VALGRO-LBF KARAM machine is ideal for Hot and Cold rolled plasma cut parts deburring and grinding.


Valgro LBF Karma series are metal deburring and edge rounding machines for metal sheet parts cut by punching, shearing, laser, or plasma. Removing burrs and creating round edges using an abrasive belt and cross belts. Which supports parts up to 1250x100 mm. Width and on some as small as 50x50 mm. The Inside and outside contours of products made from stainless steel, steel, and aluminum parts cut by laser or other thermal processes are burrs cleaned from the total surface.


  • Deburring and edge rounding of parts up to 50 mm material thickness
  • Save up to 60% operational and labor costs
  • Removal of spots on the sheet metal surface
  • Processing front sides of the parts
  • Edge rounding of interior and exterior contours at one time
  • Dry eco-friendly operations
  • Can be individually adjusted or turned on and off electrically.
  • Maximum productivity while maintaining machining quality
  • Guarantees optimum tool utilization over the entire working width.
  • Faster and simpler tool change within just a few minutes
  • Modular and compact in modern machine design - smaller footprint
  • Improved work environment - Reduction of dust, dirt, and noise

Advantages compared to the manual treatment:

  • Significantly higher productivity combined with superior part quality
  • Consistent quality over the entire production run, versus scratches and divots produced by manual side grinders
  • Avoid Unhealthy operation, Compared to the operation with a side grinder your employees
  • You do not have to suffer under flying sparks, dust, dirt, or noise
  • No physical strain for your employees caused by vibration or unhealthy posture


  • Panel Builder
  • Sheet metal fabricator
  • Automobiles
  • Railways
  • Instrumentation
  • Laser cut shop
Deburring + Edge Round + Laser Cut Part Deburring Machine

Technical Specification

Head Type Belt / Roller / Disc B + R B + R + R B + D + D B + R + R B + D + D
Work Surface Top Side Top Side Top Side Top Side Top Side
Process: Wet / Dry Dry Dry Dry Dry Dry
Work head 2 3 3 3 3
Application Deburring + Edge Rounding Deburring + Edge Rounding Deburring + Edge Rounding Deburring + Edge Rounding Deburring + Edge Rounding
Finish Achieved - - - - -
Burr Qualification Class 1,2,3 Class 1,2,3 Class 1,2,3 Class 1,2,3 Class 1,2,3
Type of Material Carbon steel Carbon steel Carbon steel Carbon steel Carbon steel
Min. Max Width 50-800 50-800 50-800 50-1250 50-1250
Min. Length 100 100 100 100 100
Min. Max Thickness 3-100 3-100 3-100 3-100 3-100
Weight of capacity 100kg 100kg 100kg 200kg 200kg
Abrasive Belt width 125 125 125 125 125
Abrasive Belt Size - - - - -
Roller Brush Diameter 225 225 - 225 -
Disc Brush Diameter - - 200 - 200
Brush Action R = Rotate O = Oscillate R + O R + O R + O R + O R + O
Conveyor Type R= Roller / B = Belt Belt Belt Belt Belt Belt
Conveyor speed MPM Min / Max 0.5 - 10 0.5 - 10 0.5 - 10 0.5 - 10 0.5 - 10
Dust Extraction Model No DCS-3 DCS-3 DCS-3 DCS-5 DCS-5
Electrical parameters The integrated frequency converter allows the machine to work worldwide with all power supply systems and enables smooth start and enhanced motor protection.


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