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VALGRO-SAMARTH – Edge Breaker Series Tube END EDGE Deburring Machine is designed to remove metal burrs and shear cut edge from ends of pipes, tubes, and profiles. Its single head semi-automatic end edge deburring system helps you to easily activate clamping mechanism. Its automatic clamp shell hood provides additional safety from dust. It drives variable speed with a 2 HP motor attached to 12inches or 14inches Valgro disc deburring brush.


Valgro Profile Tube End Edge Deburring Machine works to deburr round, rectangular, square, and other shape's edges. It is also compatible with many different cut tubes and profile shapes and delivers results in a few seconds and a single operation. The deburring operation can be done simultaneously inside and outside the tube in a single operation without rotating the pipe. The process result is the elimination of burrs getting slightly rounded edges. It can be integrated with a single Head Semi-Automatic End Edge Deburring System. Its automatic clamp shell hood provides added safety and additional dust control.


  • Pneumatic brush head movement
  • Multiple disc brushes with 12 and 14 inches
  • 2HP motor and variable speed drive
  • Custom clamping for adjusting lengths
  • Three to four cycles per minute
  • Compatible with table extension
  • Brush diameter can range up to 400mm
  • Full cover boy for dust protection
  • Dust collection unit: DS3
  • Table movement length can range up to 600mm

Advantage compared to the traditional deburring process

  • Avoid unhealthy position compared to the traditional operation
  • No Physical Strain of worker by vibrations and flying spark,
  • Employee do not suffer under flying spark, dust and noise.
  • Unskilled labor run this machine
  • Save money and time by less down time


  • Aluminum extrusions saw cut profile for automotive, aerospace, building construction, and medical device industries.
  • Cut Tube, Pipe deburring
  • Valgro Abrasive nylon brushes are an excellent tool for deburring and Edge Radiusing

Profile - Tube End Deburring Deburring Machine

Technical Specification

Model EED14-M EED14 A EED14BE
Head Type Wheel / Disc Wheel / Disc Wheel / Disc
Work Surface End Edge End Edge End Edge - Both Side
Work Head 1 1 2
Process: Wet / Dry Dry Dry Dry
Application Burr Removal Inside + OutSide
Finish Achieved Smooth edge Smooth edge Smooth edge
Type of Material Cut Part Cut Part Cut Part
Burr Classification Class #1 & Class #2
Max Dia 100 100 100
Min. Length 200 200 200-600
Brush Diameter 300 / 350 300 / 350 300 / 350
Brush Action R = Rotate / O = Oscillate R R+O R+O
Conveyor Type R= Roller / B = Belt Manual Belt Belt
Conveyor speed Min / Max - MPM Manual Feed 0.5 - 10 0.5 - 10
Dust Extraction : Valgro-Duklean DCS-1 DCS-3 DCS-5
Electrical parameters The integrated frequency converter allows the machine to work worldwide with all power supply systems and enables smooth start and enhanced motor protection.

All Dimensions in MM


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