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Valgro Copper Busbar Deburring and Polishing Machine with Belt grinding and polishing are very flexible machining processes with undefined cutting edges that use a large number of cutting particles. Depending on the abrasive belt selected, extreme high stock removal rates (1 mm and more per pass ) or super fine finishes can be achieved (Ra 0,1 µm and better).


The abrasive belt unit with a contact drum can be used for graining a decorative straight-line finish or for deburring. Depending on the application the hardness and diameter of the contact drum can be selected accordingly. For example a harder drum is ideal for straigh-line finishing whereas a softer drum works better for deburring.


  • Working widths of 150mm and 300mm One to four stations in a line Abrasive belt or drum units For wet or dry processing
  • Suitable for different metals including stainless steel, zinc, aluminum,
    and others


  • One to four stations in a line
  • For wet or dry processing
  • Floating head system i.e. with adjustable grinding pressure allowing the abrasive belt unit to move out of the way if grinding pressure gets too high
  • Permanent magnet below the feed belt for holding down smaller steel parts
  • Demagnetization below the feed belt on outfeed side
  • Infinitely variable rpm of abrasive belt
  • Additional hold-down rollers
  • Feed belt with 90° stoppers for shorter stainless steel or aluminium parts
  • Paper belt filter
  • Range of dust extraction units available


The belt grinding and belt polishing are both used to improve the finish of flat materials and profiles as well as bars and tubes such as hydraulic, pneumatic and pressure cylinder; Axles, Calender rolls and billets; Engine components, stamped and sintered parts. For scale removal or linishing and sanding before and after coating.

  • For abrasive belt grinding of rectangular tubes, decorative straight-line finishing on stainless steel or preparation for chrome plating
  • For abrasive belt grinding of flat bars
  • Deburring
  • Finishing
  • Roughening
  • Processing of steel, stainless steel and aluminium

Flat Bar Grinding + Finishing Deburring Machine

Technical Specification

Model HYB-06 HYB -12
Head Type Belt + Brush Belt + Brush
Work Surface Top Side Top Side
Process: Wet / Dry Wet / Dry Wet / Dry
Work Head 1+ 1+
Application Sanding + Deburring + Finishing + Brushing Sanding + Deburring + Finishing + Brushing
Finish Achieved Matt Hairline, #4 Matt Hairline, #4
Burr Classification Class 1,2,3 Class 1,2,3
Type of Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Max Width 150 300
Min. Length 200 220
Min. Max Thickness 0.5 - 3mm / 1 to 50mm 0.5 - 3mm / 1 to 50mm
Weight of capacity kg 100 100
Drum Diameter 150 150
Brush Diameter 225 225
Abrasive belt Size (MM) 150 x 1250 300 x 1250
Brush Action
R = Rotate O = Oscillate
R + O R + O
Conveyor Type
R= Roller / B = Belt
Belt Belt
Conveyor Bed Grip Roll Grip Roll
Conveyor speed
Min / Max - MPM
0.5 - 10 0.5 - 10
Dust Extraction
Model No
Electrical parameters The integrated frequency converter allows the machine to work worldwide with all power supply systems and enables smooth start and enhanced motor protection.


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