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Micro Strip Edge Deburring Deburring Machine

Valgro Micro Strip End Edge deburring and Finishing Machine offers a seamless perimeter of sharp corners, hollow edges, and sheet metal components, especially for deburring and cleaning, without damaging the metal surface. Machine available with multistage brushing attachment of top and bottom with brush oscillation. It is tailored to your industrial application and requirement.


Valgro Micro Strip End Edge deburring and Finishing Machine works with different strip sizes ranges from 0.2mm to 1.5mm and 3mm to 8mm in width. The machines have a solid steel table, equipped with brush strips or multidirectional rollers to secure the work-piece surface. The two brushing units are adjustable by a static linear guide preventing any material removal during the deburring process. It does not generate heat and deformation of steel strip during and after the deburring process.


  • Easy replacement of brush
  • High-speed turbine blower for inside hole cleaning
  • External control panel
  • Innovative abrasive technical support
  • Overload tripping
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Reverse system
  • No vibration


  • No de-formation of steel strip after de-burring process.
  • No material removal during de-burring operation.
  • No camber in steel strip after de-burring operation.
  • No Heat Generation during Process


  • During the slitting thin strip, the burr is created on both edges, burr-free surfaces.
  • Custom-made Valgro deburring machines offer burr-free and rust-free surfaces.

Micro Strip Edge Deburring Deburring Machine

Technical Specification

Valgro Micro Strip Slit Edge Deburring & Finishing Machine Thickness : 0.2mm to 1.5mm Width : 3mm to 8mm width As per Customer request we offer the solution


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