• Deburring Machine
    Sheet Metal component without damaging
    Sheet Deburring Machine
    Sheet Edge deburring Machine (New)
    Coil edge online deburring machine (New)
    Off hand deburring Machine(KleenBurr)
  • Washing Machine
    For Steel Plants
    Consistent Cleaning - Increase Productivity
    Horizontal axis rotating and oscillating brushes
    Wet operation
    Adjustable brush speed (Optional), Consistent brush abrasion
    Adjustable conveyor speed (belt / roller)
  • Polishing Machine
    polishing of coils and sheets is one of the most added-value operations
    Stainless steel Finishing kit
    Stainless steel Sheet polishing machine
    Aluminum sheet polishing machine
    Coil / Strip Polishing machine
    Round Tube polishing machine
  • Cleaning / Sanding Machine
    The Dust Cleaning and Sanding Machine
    Rust cleaning machine (new)
    Dust cleaning machine
    Plywood sanding machine
    Plywood termite dust cleaning machine
  • Valgro Brushing Machine
    Belt Grinding Machine
    15 Reason to Select Valgro SCS Process
    Report are facts and generated by VALGRO Product
    Application development department

Why Choose Us?  


Manufacturing of abasives and abrasive brushing ...

C.E.O Speech

We are in the field of manufacturing of specialty ..

Quality Policy

Valgro Hyzer is a Valgro Group of Company

Our Performance

Valgro has long served the global abrasive community ..

New Launch Abrasive Brush and Brushing Machine

Mobile Dust Collector

APPLICATIONS Ceramic, Plastic, Pulp & Paper, Rock and related.

Washing Machine

With our comprehensive range of standard.

De-scaling Machine

    Use of our brush & brushing machine, we gave been able to remove / reduce the black carbon

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Deburring Machine

    Valgro-Hyzer deburring machine is meant especially for deburring and cleaning sharp corners.

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Polishing Machine

    The polishing of coils and sheets is one of the most added-value operations.

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    Through our continues research and development efforts we are able to make.

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  • Stainless Polishing Machine  
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Manufacturing of Abrasives
Valgro Hyzer engaged in manufacturing of abasives and abrasive brushing machine. Read more..
Why Valgro?
Hyzer Technology Inc. (Valgro Hyzer) is a Valgro Group of Company, Read more..
Engaged in manufacturing
Engaged in manufacturing of high precision brushing machines for deburring machine Read more..
Surface treatment machinery & SCS Abrasives brush for metal working Industries