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  • Valgro India -

    Industry Leaders in Sheet Metal Processing
    For Deburring, Edge rounding, Finishing, cleaning, De-greasing, Descaling, Polishing, Sanding, Grinding, washing,

    Brushing, Protective Film Laminators, Metal Laminating Machines, Mobile Portable Dust collector System.
  • Deburring Machine
    For SAMARTH - Professional Series Deburring Machine for Stainless Sheet & Precise Metal Fabrication
  • Deburring Edge Rounding Machine
    For LBF Series Edge Rounding, Oxy burr removal Machine
  • SAMARTH Fabrica series Polishing Machine
    for Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication Industries
  • Strip Polishing Machine
    For Strip Polishing Machine
  • Mobile linear Polisher
    Stainless Steel Metal Finishing Kit Hyzer 300 Mobile Linear Polisher and Valgro Abrasive Brush
  • Dust collector system
    Valgro "DuKlean" dust collector system used to enhance the quality of air released

Machines are designed to suit individual customer applications & requirements.


With great opportunity to serve, the Company is formed by two dynamic and visionary brothers who believed in quality and value added products.
Mr. Satish Patel

C.E.O Speech

Hello Friends,
To make machines and to bring desired results, both are different things. Our expertise in surface condition is the key factor in brushing machine success.
Mr. Arvind Patel

Our Performance

Valgro has long served the global abrasive community with success. "VALGRO FINISH" is famous all over the World. It removes debris and contamination from surface to create a clean surface...

Our Deburing & Polishing Machines Products

Deburring Machine

Deburring Machine

Deburring is important for Safety & Quality, Aesthetics, Functionality, and the smooth operation of working parts.
Polishing Machine

Polishing Machine

Polishing is a value added operation in stainless steel sheet and Coil.
Sanding and Cleaning Machine

Sanding and Cleaning

Our surface preparation abrasives brush manufacturing experience has allowed...
Anti Finger Coating

Anti Finger Coating

Anti Finger, Anti Stain Coating sysytem for lotus leave surface Look good only when it shine, not tarnished
Abrasive Brush & Consumable

Abrasives (Brush & Consumables)

A Company that manufactures Abrasive Brush and Abrasive Brushing Machines
 ECO Pickling & Passivation Gel

ECO Pickling & Passivation Gel

BrighTex Pickling Gel is stain-free and does not impart yellow or black stains after washing with water.